Twin Peaks

On Friday I went to Shape of Light, 100 Years of Photography and Abstract Art at the Tate Modern. Lots of my old favourites were there – Brassai, Man Ray, Bill Brandt, Imogen Cunningham – plus many new finds; I’d really recommend it!

I decided to play around with my camera to try and get an abstract shot for today, but in the end I liked this one the best. Not really abstract but I like the simplicity and symmetry.

Sinful Sunday

Hand Jobs

I had some hand jobs to do this week. My dull and tarnished ring was buffed to a high shine and I got my first summery manicure of the year. I thought I’d showcase the outcomes.

Sinful Sunday


“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”
Maya Angelou

Exposing 40 has taken a bit of a leap across the decades this weekend, but if this blog is about celebrating our bodies as they age then this woman is an example to us all. The wonderful Eye turned 60 this week so I’m delighted to share some photos I shot back in the autumn.

Happy birthday Eye, may your sixties be a decade of celebration and one in which you now thrive. Xx

Sinful Sunday


Today I’m delighted to have Eye as a burst of sunshine on my #febphotofest. This photo was taken back in September the morning after a very late night where three of us had talked until about 6am!

Eye has already shared a few of the shots from that day and I have one I love lined up for a certain big birthday that’s round the corner for her. *cough* Bring your birthday pants to Eroticon everyone! *cough*

But while you wait for the birthday photo, enjoy this one of her captured in the sunburst mirror outside my office.

February Photofest


“Ooh, that would be a fun one to try and do for mirror week,” I think as I scroll through Tumblr.

Twenty four hours later, a bit tipsy and full of sausage casserole, I’m nearly choking myself by balancing a mirror on my windpipe. Not all my ideas/inspirations are sensible but articulating them is always hilarious!

Photo by Exhibit A.

February Photofest

A Whisper…

So, after a super fun week of tributes it’s the fourth and final week of February Photofest. For my final theme I’m going for mirrors. Mirrors are something I use so often in my photos they have their own tag on this blog. You can see all the photos I’ve ever included mirrors in here.

For Throwback Thursday’s re-edit I’m hopping over to Honey’s place to a photo I took of her in summer 2015. I’ve re-edited the third shot down (also copied below) so all that remains is a whisper of nipple.

February Photofest


For me, there’s is so much to love about Bill Brandt. Read that long profile on the V&A site and anyone who knows me well will see that every subheading ticks another one of my personal or professional interests. Peaking into people’s lives, social storytelling, London, literary Britain, war, nude portraiture… it’s all there!

I’ve drawn on Brandt’s nude style in self-portraits in the past and I’m still desperate to get down to the pebbly beaches of East Sussex. But a trip to the seaside in February seemed a bit extreme so I’ll have to see if this is finally the summer I get those shots done. In the meantime here is one shot in the warmer surrounding of my lounge!

Photo 12-02-2018, 22 42 04

Photo 11-02-2018, 08 54 10

February Photofest


I was most annoyed back in December when for the red prompt I dragged out a very old shot that already had some very closely related brothers and sisters elsewhere on my blog. I had COMPLETELY forgotten this photo that I took of a friend back in September. So, finally, with much delay, she gets a starring spot on my red week!

February Photofest