The Holly and the Ivy (reprise)

A year ago I shared this photo for Exhibit A’s Christmas meme. I love its cold wintry feel and it always makes me feel a little shivery when I look at it. Exhibit A’s reopened the Christmas prompt so I thought I’d do a different version this year and create an image with a warm and cosy feel. So, for Sinful Sunday and the Christmas prompt, here is The Holly and the Ivy (reprise). 


Sinful Sunday

Back to Front

“Mirrors should think longer before they reflect.” Jean Cocteau 

I watched a film yesterday where in one scene a five-year-old boy who has been held hostage his whole life stares in wonder as he sees his reflection for the first time. It got me thinking about how many baby toys are mirror-based. Isn’t it sad that for so many of us a time comes when mirrors change from being objects that captivate and entertain to ones that admonish and chastise?

In celebration of mirrors reflecting good things, here’s a self portrait that I love. I took it playing around in a hotel bathroom in Berlin some 18 months ago – before this blog was even born. I like the framing of the photo and how my breast and arse look but one of the things I love most is that it reminds me of a really fun holiday with friends. 

Sinful Sunday

A Sari State of Affairs

Where I was meant to be last week was India. Where I was was London. Bureaucracy gets in the way of productivity in my job occasionally.

On Monday morning I tweeted this:

On Monday afternoon the mischievousness and creativity resulted in bringing a little bit of India to me, namely by having a bit of fun with an old sari printing block I picked up on a previous visit. It’s always good to turn round a situation that’s a bit of an arse!

IMG_5560 (4)


Blue Moon

This month’s Sinful Sunday technical prompt is colour so may I present my Blue Moon…

As you know, I do like to share a little story with my photos, but this week I didn’t think I would have one. But then I started humming and quite unexpectedly tripped right on down memory lane. You see, I have a ridiculous ability to recall detail and I remembered that more than 21 years ago I lost my virginity with Canadian folk band Cowboy Junkies singing Blue Moon Revisited (A Song for Elvis) playing in the background. I decided to look the song up on You Tube and couldn’t quite believe the image that’s used to accompany the song and how much it echoes my photograph with the print of my wallpaper framing my blue-washed bum!

I hope you enjoy my blue moon and the song!

Blue moon 2



Care Bears

Born in 1974, I was the target age group for Care Bear mania, which struck in the early 80s. Each teddy came with a love heart stamped on its bum. My aunt gave me this little keepsake on my birthday. “I don’t know what you’ll do with this,” she said, “but I thought it was cute.”

This week I decided what to do with it.

Love Heart