Floriography is a form of cryptic communication using flowers. It’s been practiced throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East for centuries but it became popular in Britain in the 19th century. Specific blooms and styles of arrangement were used to send coded messages, allowing the sender to express feelings which could not be spoken aloud in conservative Victorian society.

Although the red rose is well known as a symbol of love and desire, did you know they also stand for admiration and respect? So with much admiration and respect, happy Valentine’s Day to everyone in the wonderful sex blogging community and love to all who visit, enjoy and comment on my blog.

February Photofest

How rude!

How rude!

I don’t mean him standing there brazenly wanking for my camera, teasing me from the other side of the room? That’s fine. That’s always welcome.

I’m talking about him flipping the bird. You mean you hadn’t noticed? Were you too busy looking at the blur of his hand on his hard cock?

Don’t worry. I must confess, it took me a while to notice what he was doing when I was taking the photograph. Sometimes it’s impossible to resist focusing in on the finer detail so you miss the bigger picture.

Side note: this has rapidly become one of my favourite photos of EA. It’s not a good photo; it’s badly lit and out of focus in a way that’s only half-disguised by the edit. But it makes me giggle every time I look at it.

February Photofest

Rise and Shine

“You want to do a photo in your red underwear for my February Photofest?”

“Of course.”

There are some photos that I’d really rather have taken myself. Photography is my favourite kind of foreplay. Alas, distance gets in the way of some of my creative ambitions! But stirring on a Saturday morning and finding a beautiful hard cock sent across the miles and time zones as I slept was a welcome wake-up call.

“Crop and edit as necessary,” said the accompany message.

So I took matters into my own hands. In more ways than one. It was a lovely start to the weekend.

February Photofest


I was most annoyed back in December when for the red prompt I dragged out a very old shot that already had some very closely related brothers and sisters elsewhere on my blog. I had COMPLETELY forgotten this photo that I took of a friend back in September. So, finally, with much delay, she gets a starring spot on my red week!

February Photofest

Blow Job Lips

My week of dark and moody outdoor shots is over so let’s have a week of colour. And it’s Valentine’s week so let’s go red! We kick off the second week of February Photofest with Throwback Thursday I’m going for the colour version of this shot, first used back in January 2016.

For about eight years from ages 18 to 26 I wore this lipstick (Bourjois Rouge Bordeaux) virtually every day. I wouldn’t even be able to guess how many tubes I bought over the years. I had a meticulous process for applying it so it rarely budged. If it did I could reapply it perfectly without a mirror, sober or drunk. At university this friend used to call me Blow Job Lips!

But then I went travelling and having perfect red lips in the mountains of South America and on the beaches of Australia and South East Asia seemed ridiculous and I never got back into the habit after returning to London. I still have a tube of the now-discontinued colour but these days it comes out maybe two or three times a year. But when I wear it I still love it!

February Photofest