In the sand dunes 

On Friday I took a walk along the South West Coastal Path from where I was staying to an area of sand dunes that I’d read were popular with naked sunbathers. It was a long and occasionally precarious walk which didn’t always play that well with my fear of heights and vertigo; at one point I was stuck rigid to the spot with the cliff dropping away to my left, unable to move until a couple appeared from the opposite direct and pride forced me to take a deep breath and move on. 

But when I got to the beach and found my hidden corner of the sand dunes the view made it all seem worthwhile. It was my first naked sunbathing experience away from my own garden and I’m sure it won’t be my last. I did get the train back though!

Sinful Sunday

My London Bridge

My train from the suburbs arrives into London Bridge. At the time he was working just over the river. It’s a hot July day and I’m not really concentrating. My phone pings.

Fancy sucking my cock?”

“I’ll get the next train.”

“I’ll see you in The Vintry”

An hour later I’m walking back across the bridge to get the train home. A man double takes as I dip my fingers into my cleavage and lick the spunk from them.

I giggle and text him.

“That’s a really hot message! That was really hot.”

Forty minutes later I’m back at my desk.

I’ve thought about that every single time I’ve crossed London Bridge since. That’s my London Bridge memory. It’ll always be my London Bridge memory.




I’ve spent a lot of time outside these last couple of weeks. My step count is *awesome*! I’ve been stopped by strangers telling me they’ve always voted Tory but are switching to Labour. I’ve discovered that a remarkable number of people leave their front doors open, even in London. And I’ve learnt that as many letterboxes eat your fingers as did when I delivered newspapers three decades ago! 

I’ve enjoyed sun and not enjoyed humidity. And I’ve been caught in torrential downpours; yesterday not even my underwear stayed dry when I got caught in a storm. I may not be naked, but I’m wet and right now campaigning is the sexiest thing I could be doing.

Sinful Sunday


I’ve written before about the quandary as a body positivity blogger of posting photos of the bits I love and viewpoints from which I know I look great, versus focusing honestly on the bits I’m not always that happy with. Do we focus on what make us feel fabulous or accept all of it? I usually opt for the former. It’s rare for you to ever see a shot of my big belly or differently shaped and not very pert breasts.

IMG_8795 (3)A few months back I was photographing Exhibit A for his Mapplethorpe homage. After shooting the image we ultimately chose (this one using an old Box Brownie) we tried a couple of shots with him holding my current Canon camera. It didn’t work half as well as the image with the old camera but what did come out of it was the shot below. I didn’t realise that he was photographing me with my camera as I photographed him with my iPhone. And,  strangely, I love the resulting image – rolls and all! I love that I’m completely unaware of my posture and not tugging my shoulders back or sitting up straight to reduce the appearance of my belly. I love the look of concentration in my eyes. And I love that unbeknown to me my complete comfort and contentment in that moment was being captured.

Sinful Sunday

Bathroom Break

On Wednesday @19syllables and I enjoyed a glorious and indulgent lunch with the very lovely @bibulousone. As coffee arrived I nipped to the bathroom. “Oh my God, we’ve got to do a photo in there,” I said as I sat back down. And would Haiku and I *ever* miss an opportunity to get our kit off and be cheeky, even if we are in a very smart Mayfair restaurant…

PS. You may have noticed I’m absent from Twitter at the moment. There’s nothing at all to worry about, all’s well with me and nothing’s changed. But my business needs a bit of TLC, as do some of my interests outside of E40. I’m not very good at staying away from idle distraction so while I focus in on the professional and the political for a couple of weeks I’ve disabled my account. Once the deadlines have been met and I’ve stuffed as many leaflets as possible through letterboxes, I’ll be back. I’m off on holiday in three weeks and there’s a beach 15 minutes from my cottage that’s favoured by naturists so I’ll be back with camera in hand and some new photos before you know it! Until then I’ll keep up with Sinful Sunday using photos I have in the bank. 

Sinful Sunday


Over the last few weeks the gorgeous Honey has posted a number of Sinful Sundays and I have done a Wicked Wednesday with various shots of our spring walk in the woods. Here now is a Sinful Sunday from me featuring her quite wondrous breasts. Well, one of them anyway! I love the softness of her breast against the hard wood, the warmth of the edit and shadow that hints at the sunshine we were blessed with. At the bottom of this post is all of the ones we’ve posted so I have all of her glory in one place!

Sinful Sunday