Me Elsewhere

You can find me elsewhere, too:

My round-up of my favourite hot naked men over at Oleander Plume’s place.
I was Coming for Your Camera at Fdotleonora’s place.
I’m in Exhibit A’s Your Fantasies collection (read them all – they’re hot!) and A Guide to Going Down on Me.

I have been lucky to photograph some truly gorgeous bloggers for their own sites. What an honour! Here are a selection of my favourite portraits.

Another Perspective, Fdotleonora
Balance, Exhibit A
Bleak Midwinter, Exhibit A
Climb Every Mountain, Jedi Hamster
Cock, Exhibit A
Dark Corners, Exhibit A
Down in the Woods, Tabitha Rayne
Effigy, Happy Come Lucky
Fence, Happy Come Lucky
Figure, Form, Frame, Maria Opens Up
Fluids, Eye
Framed in Nature, Happy Come Lucky
Home Furnishings, Exhibit A
I Talk Sex, Tabitha Rayne
In Repose, Happy Come Lucky
Lazy Weekday Afternoons, Exhibit A
Mapplethorpe, Exhibit A
Marathon Man, Exhibit A
Nature and Nurture, Tabitha Rayne
Nature’s Body Art, Happy Come Lucky
Never Say Never, Jedi Hamster
Possibilities, Exhibit A
Soft, Happy Come Lucky
Sugar, Tabitha Rayne
Sweat, Exhibit A
Tapestry, Maria Opens Up
Through Your Eyes, Happy Come Lucky
Weekends are for Maria, Maria Opens Up

Click Click 365
I collaborated with Fdotleonora, The Other Livvy and sTrongFuse on a 365 project where we each posted a photo a day for the whole of 2016. Find our beautiful, funny, quirky, observational and ‘shit I nearly forgot today so this will have to do’ photos here.