“To lose confidence in one’s body is to lose confidence in oneself.” 

Simone de Beauvoir

Exposing 40 is a body positive photography adventure for friends of all shapes and sizes, male or female. Some are behind the camera, some are in front and some provide ideas. We hover round a landmark age. The collagen may be relaxing but the confidence is robust and we are definitely getting better with age! When we are 60 we will look back to now and cheer ourselves, so why spend our 40s looking back at 20?

We celebrate ourselves and confront our insecurities through beautiful, though-provoking and occasionally silly photos. Although this blog is led by one 40-something woman from South London who also tweets at @exposing40, so far around 25 other beautiful people have participated either as photographer, subject or guest blogger.

Although primarily a photography-led blog, we also write about body image as we age and the influence is has on sex, self esteem, confidence, participation in sport, what we wear and how we think about our place in world. Although posts are often reflective they are also unapologetically positive and rousing!

Guest photographers, subjects and writers are always welcome so if you’d like to get involved just get in touch either by tweeting (more reliable form of catching my attention) or emailing me at Exposing40@gmail.com (which I often forget to check!).

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  2. Nearing 60, I find myself reflective and think back to 40 and recall what a liberating milestone it was for me. It was at that point I realised that I didn’t care or worry about what other people thought about me anymore. have fun for the next 20 I did and still am Ian

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  4. Have been following Abigail Ekue for a time and I gather that you are contributing to her Bare Men exhibit. Just want to say that I am taken with your work – photos and prose. I think I’ll be following you too, now.

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    • Thank you. That’s so lovely to hear. And yes, I am planning to contribute – funnily enough I’m planning to select some images this evening and if the weather is kind tomorrow I may be taking some new photos that could make the short list of ones I’ll put forward. Thanks for the follow. Have a great weekend.


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