Dark Passage

Me: “What shall I call your bottom?”

@19syllables: “Dark passage!”

This was the final location on mine and @19syllables’s day trip to Margate at the end of June. The Shell Grotto is a great mystery. A deep and narrow underground passage winding 70 feet down to chamber and decorated with 4.6 million shells. A tiny space where it would seem foolhardy to get naked, for sure. But the echoes of visitors descending the stairs to the passageway are heard long before you see them so why not? I’ve been saving this one for today to mark the birthday girl’s latest orbit of the sun.

Sinful Sunday

22 thoughts on “Dark Passage

  1. Breathtaking, as is always the result when you two get together! 19syllables is luminous, the lighting is mysterious and the texture of the shells is amazing. It really looks like she’s heading into some dark mer-Prince’s mysterious lair or something. Wonderful photo!!

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  2. There is, oddly, a shell grotto near to us in Herts which is the largest grotto in the UK. We paid it a visit with the intention of taking picture but damn was the place busy and also there was barely any light. Your grotto looks like it was much more suitable for such shenanigans.



  3. Opps and I almost missed the most important thing… A very happy naked birthday to the lovely 19 syllables. You have definitely captured her in all her beautiful glory



  4. I completely missed the shells, I believe someone was distracting me! What an amazing location which has made me even more determined to pop down for a visit.

    A very Happy Birthday to @19syllables!


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