Today has been earmarked for one of mine and Exhibit A’s weekend photo adventures for a good two or three months – we tend to plan them around Livvy’s weekend shifts so we know quite a way in advance when they’ll be.

Our last weekend outing was to Luxembourg so today had quite a tough act to follow! Various destinations were put in the mix, from long walks to wild swimming spots in rivers and outdoor ponds. In the end a combination of factors meant we didn’t settle on a location until after midday today. First we thought it would be too hot, then it was going to storm…in the end we were both enjoying chilling out in our own spaces so much this morning that we didn’t fancy going too far afield.

We settled on Tooting Lido. Neither of us had been there before so had no idea what a perfect location the changing rooms – reminiscent of 1950s beach huts – would be. Would we be daring enough to snap a nude shot in a busy London lido on a July Saturday? Of course! Would Exhibit A be adamant that I needed to be in the pool shooting up, not on the other side? Yes! Would I make us keep retaking the shot until that bloody red door stayed closed? What can I say? I’m picky! As Exhibit A said afterwards – we make a good photo team!

Sinful Sunday

41 thoughts on “Lido

  1. You really do make a good team, this photo is spectacular. I may keep it to look at on grey winter days to remind me of the glorious colours – and freedom – of summer.

    O x
    (p.s. I know you’re in South London, but shooting up in a lido is perhaps going a bit far)

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  2. I’d never heard the word “lido” until today! Your perfection pays off; this is flirty and vibrant and all kinds of warm, summery adjectives. Also: You brought your camera in the pool?! That seems more precarious than the public nudity!

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