An Arresting Image 

Before a night out a cheeky glimpse of bra is WhatsApped across the Atlantic.

“I want to see more of that.”

“I’ll send a better picture later.”

Five hours later.

Bugger, I was meant to take a photo for K.”

“We can do it now. Get across the road under that sign. Quick! There’s nobody around.”

Shot by Exhibit A with Livvy on surveillance duties…

Sinful Sunday

20 thoughts on “An Arresting Image 

  1. Oh, MY… this is so. fucking. hot. It makes me want to grab you and rip your shirt off… it invokes deep growls of lust in me! The lighting and the police sign are killer!!! This is such an excellent shot that it blows my mind that it was spontaneous. Seriously, it belongs on the cover of a mystery novel or as a glossy ad in a magazine. If you can’t tell, I *really* love this photo.

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