Night Fall

“The sky grew darker, painted blue on blue, one stroke at a time, into deeper and deeper shades of night.” Haruki Murakami

I might be more excited about posting this photo than any photo I’ve done yet. This is my amazing friend of almost three decades, looking out to sea in the North Wales town where we grew up. She had two vodkas before and about five afterwards, but how amazing does she look?! 

This photo has obviously had the colour and contrast pushed in the edit, but not quite as much as you might imagine. The clouds were moody and the sky a deep inky blue with just the faintest patches of light left. The real luck was that the beachside fishing tackle shop had forgotten to turn its fluorescent strip light off and the light through an open window was bright enough to light my friend from behind. 

Sinful Sunday

35 thoughts on “Night Fall

  1. This has absolutely taken my breath away. If Botticelli were a photographer and Venus were emerging out of the Welsh sea. This 100% deserves a place in a museum. Your friend is breathtaking, you are a genius. I can not love this more.

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  2. AFA . . . absolutely fucking amazing . . . and I never swear of course! LOL!!!
    Just incredible.
    The clouds just draw one in like a 3D maze . . . and then the figure, standing out so simply and starkly and beautifully . . . just takes one’s breath away!
    As has already been said . . . a work of art . . . and classical beauty!!!
    Xxx – K

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  3. So brilliant – really hard to tear my eyes away long enough to comment. It’s like a Poe poem in a photograph… what atmosphere! Great photo weather, and a stunning model. It feels like there’s a folk legend somewhere in this picture. Really marvelous. xx


  4. I have to say I look at Sinful Sunday every week and have done since before last Christmas. I can honestly say I think that this is my favourite of all. Thank you for your skill, and more importantly thank you to for friend too. It was the combination of everything plus the helpful light left on, who knew that harsh strip lighting would be the perfect soft illumination

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  5. I can totally see why you are so thrilled with this. I love the fact that she looks so perfectly relaxed too, like she stands there every night watching over her world.



  6. I love everything about this picture and now I now the story behind it ,it makes the images even more powerful. Your friend looks like a diva and I totally get it why you’re in love in this picture. The cloudy sky and the sea are beautiful background for the beautiful lady.


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