Small World

The locations have been the stars of my last two Sinful Sundays. Today we’re stripping it back down and letting the body do the talking. And when I say we’re letting the body do the talking, you should know that this man completed a 100 mile run just 48 hours before I took this photo. I’m not sure if it’s the aesthetic or the accomplishment that makes this photo so hot to me…

But there’s a back story here. The man lives in America. The five hours we spent together last Tuesday may be the only time we ever spend together. If that’s how it is, so be it – it was awesome! But I kind of hope there’ll be more, one day…

We met on OKC where there’s no reference to E40 or my exhibitionist tendencies. In the chat leading up to him arriving in the UK for his race he asked me about partners. I talked a little about how relationships work for me and referenced my Always Coming Second post. “I’d like to read that,” he said. I told him the name of the blog but warned of the nudes and said I could email a document instead.

His reply?

“I chuckled and appreciated the lengths you went to to ensure that I would not be offended. ‘If only she knew?’ I thought. It was funny to see that you participate in Molly’s Sinful Sundays. A girlfriend from a few years back followed the posts and we would always comment on them together.”

Is that not BRILLIANT?! A completely random connection on a vanilla dating site where our primary common ground is distance running and small business ownership. What a small world! I’m so delighted to move him out of looking at Sinful Sunday and into participating in it. Although I must confess that came more from my desire to show off the photo and tell the story in this little online diary than a burning desire from him to be here! But I’m very happy he said I could use it…

Sinful Sunday

26 thoughts on “Small World

  1. a) One hundred miles?! One *hundred* miles. Damn. That IS hot. b) So glad you had a fabulous time meeting this guy, and the shot turned out great! Perverts just draw together like magnets no matter where we are in the world. 😉

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  2. I LOVE this story. We think it is such a big world and in so many ways it is and then something like this happens and you realise that in some ways it is small world and the internet has definitely made it smaller


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  3. As you were talking about this I was thinking how did I miss this post? I did though and I’m quite sorry about it. I loved hearing about this runner and how you met and the photo is sublime, as usual. Sweet and relaxed, but knowing he just completed a 100 Mike run gives it an edge of power that I love.


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