29 thoughts on “Rust Bucket 

  1. Oh my, what a bloody wonderful day that was!
    And the photo credit is all yours, how could ANYONE fail to take a great photo of those incredible legs x x x
    Love you x x 💞💋❤
    The title is perfect too 😃

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  3. I LOVE this shot – it reminds me of the movie Crash (the good one, not the crap one that won the Oscar). Very sexy legs indeed! I love the jarring contrast of the creaminess of your skin and the idea of hot bodies intertwined against the decay of the car. xx

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  4. Every single week your photos surprise me! You are incredibly creative and always find the perfect locations. Ones I’d never see the potential in! This is another gorgeous and interesting shot. It’s really inspired me to open my eyes to photo opportunities a bit more.
    Aurora x

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