In the sand dunes 

On Friday I took a walk along the South West Coastal Path from where I was staying to an area of sand dunes that I’d read were popular with naked sunbathers. It was a long and occasionally precarious walk which didn’t always play that well with my fear of heights and vertigo; at one point I was stuck rigid to the spot with the cliff dropping away to my left, unable to move until a couple appeared from the opposite direct and pride forced me to take a deep breath and move on. 

But when I got to the beach and found my hidden corner of the sand dunes the view made it all seem worthwhile. It was my first naked sunbathing experience away from my own garden and I’m sure it won’t be my last. I did get the train back though!

Sinful Sunday

19 thoughts on “In the sand dunes 

  1. I love this photo. Our bellies, whether smooth or rippled, flat or convex are at the heart of us and so hard to reveal at times. Bravo to you for conquering fear in all ways to take this.


  2. Now that sounds like some walk and maybe one that might just be beyond me as I have terrible fear of heights but yes the reward at the end does look sublime



  3. Honestly, One of my favorite photos of yours, ever! The color and composition are brilliant! I can feel the heat, the breeze, the satisfaction of getting there, both the journey of the physical hike, and the journey of this blog and of pushing yourself to post photos you aren’t 100% comfortable with. This is such a beautiful photo of basking in it all, the sun, the day, the fierceness of you. Because you are fierce and stunning and utterly lovely.


  4. This just screams summer to me. The deep blue sky, the warmth of sun on your skin, the slight chill in the air that makes nipples react to and the freedom to forget about all out worries.

    I think this is my favourite post of the week, I can’t stop smiling!


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