Bathroom Break

On Wednesday @19syllables and I enjoyed a glorious and indulgent lunch with the very lovely @bibulousone. As coffee arrived I nipped to the bathroom. “Oh my God, we’ve got to do a photo in there,” I said as I sat back down. And would Haiku and I *ever* miss an opportunity to get our kit off and be cheeky, even if we are in a very smart Mayfair restaurant…

PS. You may have noticed I’m absent from Twitter at the moment. There’s nothing at all to worry about, all’s well with me and nothing’s changed. But my business needs a bit of TLC, as do some of my interests outside of E40. I’m not very good at staying away from idle distraction so while I focus in on the professional and the political for a couple of weeks I’ve disabled my account. Once the deadlines have been met and I’ve stuffed as many leaflets as possible through letterboxes, I’ll be back. I’m off on holiday in three weeks and there’s a beach 15 minutes from my cottage that’s favoured by naturists so I’ll be back with camera in hand and some new photos before you know it! Until then I’ll keep up with Sinful Sunday using photos I have in the bank. 

Sinful Sunday

22 thoughts on “Bathroom Break

  1. I’m relieved to hear that you’re on a Twitter break! Thank you for the post script here.

    I’ve been so busy w/ deadlines myself in recent months that I’ve dropped off the map, only to resurface today & when I couldn’t find you on Twitter, I worried. Best of luck w/ your work & I hope you have a wonderful holiday. xoM


  2. I love this for its composition, your beautiful body in such contrast to the geometric patterns.
    I love it for cheek of snatching it in such a place.
    What really does it for me though is knowing that I was sat at the table asking for the bill while it happened!


  3. Wow, I was just saying to G that this is the sort of place that I just take random photos without getting a naked me in the shot! Great opportunity taken. Looking forward to seeing you back on twitter xx


  4. I love this so much! The black and white is incredible and there you are so lovely and cheekily standing in the middle of it. A brave and bold move by the two of you and I wouldn’t expect anything less!


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