Summer came calling…

The Dandelion’s pallid tube
Astonishes the Grass,
And Winter instantly becomes
An infinite Alas —

The tube uplifts a signal Bud
And then a shouting Flower, —
The Proclamation of the Suns
That sepulture is o’er.

Emily Dickinson

How glorious is it when you feel the sun on your naked skin for the first time after the long cold dark months? Today I snoozed, leafed through the papers and played with dandelions. It’s still only spring, but today it felt like summer came calling to remind us what joy there is to come…


Sinful Sunday

18 thoughts on “Summer came calling…

  1. This might be one of my favourite photos ever. Not just of yours, but *ever*.
    The shadow is AMAZING. Like a beautiful nipple.
    You’ve captured the delicate nostalgia of summery days.
    I’m quite emotional over here…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my God! This is amazing! It’s sexy and summer and a little bit of a mind bender (because the shadow is an existential nipple) and the curve of your shoulder! And the blue, fluffy clouded sky! I just love it.


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