Anyone who follows me on Twitter will have seen me tweeting from from the WOW Festival this weekend. The Women of the World festival brings together some of the most inspiring activists in the world and is hands down one of my favourite weekends of the year. Right now I have so much running through my mind, some of which I hope will make it onto these pages over the next few weeks.

Last year at WOW I popped my life drawing cherry and in the process met two awesome women who I am happy to now call friends. On Friday night the three of us reunited, cracked open a bottle of fizz in the ballroom of the Royal Festival Hall and settled down for a night of diversity cabaret hosted by Diva Hollywood looking at gender, disability and body image. I thought my excitement had peaked when the amazing Rubyyy Jones who we saw at Eroticon came on stage, but then we got Glory Pearl, a naked stand-up comedian championing body positivity. Be still my beating heart! Usually Glory performs completely naked but venue rules meant she needed a last minute ‘costume’ change and had to borrow some pasties and a merkin from Rubyyy. One of my new friends was staying at mine for the weekend so this morning, in honour of these two awesome performers, we chopped up some WOW brochures, made our own burlesque accessories and pranced around for the camera! All before coffee…WOW!

Sinful Sunday

21 thoughts on “WOW

  1. WOW is right!

    It’s so great, you were looking at the WOW brochure and had a light bulb moment and must have thought to yourself – “I know what I can do with this”!


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