Shining Star

Marie Rebelle, a shining star in our lovely community. Kind, welcoming and supportive of everyone, you’re an example for us all. Sorry you’re having a tough time at the moment and that you’ll miss Eroticon. I hope there is some birthday joy this weekend and that the next decade brings you all the glitter dust you so rightly deserve. Xx

Me by Exhibit A


Febraury Photofest

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9 thoughts on “Shining Star

  1. That bought a tear to my eye, Marie is going through such a tough time but her tenacity is amazing. I think about her and her family every day. A lovely tribute and photograph x


  2. Oh sweetie, thank you for your lovely words and the beautiful image! I am going to miss seeing you all at Eroticon, even though I know I have made the right decision to stay here. Thank you so much for this post. I cannot describe in words how much this mean to me.

    Rebel xox

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