I rarely return to photos I’ve taken of other people or that others have taken of me. I fall a little bit in love with them for a few days, get joy from the comments and people’s response to them but then my mind scampers off to the next idea. 

Not so with this one. I look at it a lot! Of all the photos I’ve ever taken of Exhibit A, this is pretty much my favourite. There are some that are more wow in their setting or that are a Pavlovian bell for happy memories, but this is the one that gives me a shiver whenever I look at it. I love the spunk on his fingers, the damp hair on his belly and the peace and calmness of a moment captured. And I love recalling the moments right before it was captured. 

Watching men masturbate is one of my favourite favourite things to. If we were playing the sex equivalent of the ‘what would your last meal be?’ game, then watching a hot man wank would absolutely be my starter. I draw on fantasies of men masturbating a lot. They’re my ‘go to’ when I’m on my own and want a quick orgasm. When I’m with someone I frequently worry so much that I’m taking too long to come that I’ll feel a rising orgasm slipping away and if that happens I know exactly which fantasies to call on to bring it back (usually two of my lovers wanking together!). My most intense orgasms will always come when someone is talking out a scenario where multiple men are wanking over me. 

So yes, there are lots of reasons I love this photo and lots of hot scenes it evokes for me…

Exhibit A by me

Sinful Sunday
Febraury Photofest

16 thoughts on “Repose 

  1. This is such a perfect image which deserves many a run out. I loved the way you talk about the love of watching men as well, it certainly will cause me to focus later!

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  2. I can totally relate to this. I definitely have photos that I return to again and again…. I tend to think of them as my personal wank bank images and in fact they often hide in my photo folder for a while before I share them. I am not quite sure why I do that but there is something about them take just makes me want to keep them just for me for a while


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  3. I rarely share those that are in my personal wank bank, some things I like to keep just for me, sometimes it’s because his self confidence is low and he doesn’t feel happy with me sharing. But I totally agree, watching men masturbate is one of the hottest things ever, as long as I know and have a deep connection with them.


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