Each week for #throwbackthursday I’ll be sharing a black and white edit of an image previously used in colour. I thought it would only be right to start with a shot from Molly!

This is a black and white edit from a brilliant day out we had in summer 2015, which Molly wrote about here. Hagakure is a Japanese word that translates as hidden by the leaves. Finding this word made me happy because back in November 2015 when I posted another shot from our day out I used another Japanese word that translated as forest bathing

Me by @mollysdailykiss

Febraury Photofest

10 thoughts on “Hagakure

  1. Hubby has converted several of our nudes to B&W, it lends a more sensuous and erotic look and feel to some of them. Just like the one here,”a nymph exposed in the woods”.

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  2. What I really like about this is the way the black-and-white edit brings to life the contrast between your skin and the patterned shadows that cover it. It makes your body the main focus of the image, in a way that isn’t true of the colour edit. You look like a piece of screen printing!

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