Last year I did the 365 (366!) challenge. At times I loved it, at times I cursed it. I thought I would be glad when it was over but for the first couple of weeks of this year I missed it. I decided that taking part in February Photofest would be a way of completing a photo challenge without the whole year commitment. I’ve quickly realised that finding 28 erotic and/or nudes could be harder than finding an ‘everyday’ shot every day! Still, I said I was doing it, so here I am…

I had planned to start the month with a self portrait of me in the mirror with my camera with a little bit of commentary on using photography as a way to hold a mirror to ourselves and our perceptions of ourselves. Then Marie made Highlights the Wicked Wednesday prompt and I decided I couldn’t not start with this shot. The commentary to go with it maybe less arty farty and reflective (less waffley bollocks!) but actually is as in keeping with the spirit of Exposing 40.

My blog is two years old this month and I’m really proud of how, in its tiny space in the online universe, it’s a positive place that helps me and others reflect on their bodies and sense of self as they age. I love how through participating in Sinful Sunday every week (I haven’t missed one yet!) both I and my guest subjects have been able to open up about our vulnerabilities and adjust our views of our bodies. I see those who comment on my posts reflecting on their relationship with their own bodies and I love that even those who haven’t participated as a photographer or subject are gaining from it. And I also really value how my occasional writing gives me a space to chew over in a more structured way things may otherwise stay locked inside. 

All these things are highlights of Exposing 40 for me. But by far the biggest highlight is all the people I’ve met through this blog. From those I’ve never met but would consider friends in the online world to those who have become proper laughing lunching gallivanting belly laughing deep chatting bosom buddies. Friendships that wouldn’t have happened without this blog but will likely long outlive it. This makes me really happy because Exposing 40 was always intended to be a collaboration. 

Two weeks ago Honey, Haiku, Jedi Hamster and Charlotte Brown sat around my dining room table celebrating Honey’s birthday and brainstorming ideas for February Photofest and for summer outings. It was a happy and funny afternoon and as the sun pitched in through my blinds, creating highlights across the wall, three of us whipped off our clothes and starting prancing in the shadows. Here’s the first of three shots you’ll see from that day. To capture the spirit of collaboration, this month I hope to include a roughly equal split of me photographing others, others photographing me and self portraits. Shout if you want to get involved! Oh, and they’ll all be black and white…

Me by @jedihamster100

Febraury Photofest

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13 thoughts on “Highlights

  1. This is such a great first post. Like you my blog has bought wonderful friendships into my life, people that I love and treasure, yourself included. Clearly there is something about taking your clothes off that just bring people together.

    As for this image, Jedi Hamster has absolutely excellent herself with this one and I am really looking forward to seeing the rest of your images over the next few weeks


    Liked by 1 person

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