Homeward Bound 

I love my job. Love love love it. I’ve created a business that lets me travel all around the world meeting amazing people and asking them nosy questions. Anyone who knows me in real life knows just how up my street that is!

But it can be tough, too. For every ‘wow’ moment there’s a heart-wrenching one and after a while the cold bucket showers and roads that make you fear for your life wear thin. I fly home tonight and after 16 days away there’s much I’ve missed and am looking forward to. Hot showers, cold runs, planning Christmas with my Mum, talking to my Dad about the cricket and the dog and the weather, catching up on Planet Earth 2. There’s a manicure, pedicure, facial and cut and highlights on the agenda this week. My best friends are coming to stay next weekend.

And being naked with someone else. Not just for the sex (although, YES to that, too!) but for the skin to skin time.  Something you miss as much as the sex when you’re away for weeks is human touch and the casual intimacy of just hanging out with a partner.

Sinful Sunday

14 thoughts on “Homeward Bound 

  1. Just “chillin” together, skin to skin, naked to naked, absorbing the feel of every inch of each other… is even better than the sex itself…We call it AFTERplay and it’s our favorite part!

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  2. I love the fact that joy in your job comes out (being in a restrictive job I envy your get up and go), the beautiful skin in your photographs and also the list of simple pleasures including Planet Earth 2 (Sunday nights are blissful wrapped in the cocoon of Attenborough)


  3. Being held to or pressed against a partner is a phenomenal feeling – especially when you’ve been missing human contact, yes. Glad you’re fully enjoying the comforts of home.


  4. Yes! That being held naked feeling is more addictive than the sex for me. Beautiful photo, your breast is so subtly and sweetly there at the edge of the frame, it’s wonderful. The soft light and shadows are perfect. Welcome home!


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