As I grow older… (reprised)

I posted this image in November last year, linked to a poem that @19syllables had sent me. I was never very happy with the original image; it would have been better if I’d been naked, my camera battery died before I had a shot I was happy with and the edit is a bit boring. Also, why would you take a photo for Haiku in an Ikea mirror when you have your Granny’s beautiful antique hand mirror?

This time round I wanted to draw out the reflective nature of the poem by having a double reflection in my image. I put the light behind me so that one of the reflections was bleached and a bit ghostly. I still want to play around with mirrors a bit more in some future photography, but I am happier with this image.


Sinful Sunday

19 thoughts on “As I grow older… (reprised)

  1. I love what you have done with this. Compared to the original, well you can’t really compare them. The first one is good but with this one you have added so many elements and used the light to such powerful effect, creating a truly beautiful shot



  2. So beautifully composed and shot – I’m really confused about how you managed to take it. Mysterious and stunning – just like the passing of time x x x 💖

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  3. I love the dynamics of this, firstly I was immediately drawn to the face in the first looking glass but as I explored further the breast being visible bought a totally new dimension. An excellent composition and I like the reshoot


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