Our laughing entwined
With the chatter of magpies
Folly unconstrained

@19syllables, @JediHamster100 and I went down to the woods this week. So much fun! “What Amazons we are!” said Haiku on seeing the photos. She and I below by Jedi Hamster; Jedi Hamster by me is over here! Haiku above is by @19syllables.

 img_7681-2   img_7685-2



Sinful Sunday

28 thoughts on “Folly

  1. I love these so so so much!!! So beautiful and so fun! What a brilliant day you must have had! I commented that Jedi Hamster was a forest goddess, and that goes for all of you. Three beautiful, magical creatures spreading joy. Someone needs to write a fairy tale about it. 🙂

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