Woodland Goddess

“I feel like a princess – no – a goddess!”

I couldn’t have had a better response from Tabitha Rayne on sending her these photos. What an utter joy she is to spend time with! Breakfast and a walk in the woods made the 5.30am alarm call 100% worthwhile!

Do hop over to Tabitha’s place to check out her Sinful Sunday and press the lips to see what other treats have been offered up this week!

Sinful Sunday

33 thoughts on “Woodland Goddess

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  2. What amazing images of a gorgeous subject! I am SO envious of your opportunity to shoot outdoors. God, I have been missing our alone time at the lake house… ~C

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  3. Oh! These are fantastic! The two of you make a wonderful team! Tabitha, you are a modern Titania! I think that makes you Shakespeare, E40 😉 I love then all but especially the one that combines the moss and bricks with your body arched over the culvert. Really, really wonderful, you two!

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