“Will you do one of those really harsh edits that bring out all the flaws on a photograph of my neck? I want to really emphasise the lines.”

A bit of a weird request, really; counterintuitive in an age of smoothing, retouching and perfecting. The thing is, the lines on my neck really don’t bother me. In fact, they kind of fascinate me. How they appeared quietly over time, without me really noticing. How there’s a symmetry to them, as if someone drew them in.

I remember about ten years ago a woman on a Clarins counter convincing me it was time to invest in neck firming cream. Did I apply it religiously? Did I hell. It sat in my cupboard for years, went off and I threw it away. The £40 would have been much better spent on music, wine, books, adventures!

Our bodies changing as we age is as inevitable as day turning to night and worrying about it is about as far down my (pretty much non-existent) worry list as it’s possible to get. Like a tree, my neck may carry a few rings that reveal its age and the rather obvious sun damage shows a foolish lack of care with the SPF, but a few lines don’t change how good it feels when a lover kisses it, or casually grips the back of it in a public place, or idly plays with my short hair as we laze on the sofa.

And it keeps my head on my shoulders!

Photo by Adam.

20160701-DSCF4747-Edit (2)


Sinful Sunday

21 thoughts on “Necklines

  1. Beautiful and inspiring words, to be sure! I will keep your thoughts in mind, as I examine the next set of raw images from our camera and wonder where that new bump or wrinkle came from! 😉 ~C

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  2. I love the lines around the neck and I have never been able to fully verbalise why. I think there is a truth and a sensuality to them. Plus they seem to map a route for fingers to follow or lips to kiss. Necks are beautiful and the lines add detail. Xx

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  3. My neck is one of my favourite bits of my body. Like you, I love the way the lines seems to curve gently down it. As for the whole anti wrinkle cream thing, like you mine is out of date but I still slap it one about 3 times a year just to pretend that it was worth buying


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  4. I love this so much – beautiful photo, beautiful words. I feel similarly about the many wrinkles that have formed around the corners of my eyes from years of joy and laughter!

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  5. I’ve never been a fan of creams and other practices for skin care. I do, however, run between ten and twenty miles each week and that keeps most of me firmed up. It also helps with the vital aspect of energy and vitality. This month we’re making love every day for a challenge so my body must still turn him on. Sixty-six in August. Where did those years go?

    Your photograph is lovely and I totally agree with your article. You are not the first person to throw away creams and lotions which have been at the back of the medicine cabinet for many years.

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  6. At twenty, I noticed crow’s feet at the corners of my eyes. “They are there because you smile and laugh with your whole face,” a lover told me. “I love them about you.” It changed, in a moment, how I felt about those little crinkly wrinkles, and now I see them deepening in photos and…they fill me with contentment.

    This post has given me a new way to look at my own neck lines, which have become so much clearer lately. Thank you for this.

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  7. I love lines, wrinkles and scars. They’re what make us who we are, show us our lives and how we’ve grown as people. I say stick your over priced wrinkle creams and grow old disgracefully!!

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  8. Beautifully written, as always! I work for a magazine aimed at middle-aged to older women and I’m sick and tired of features about ‘anti-ageing’! How can one be anti something that’s as inevitable as the sun setting?! It’s futile. It’s also ageist! And if you consider the alternative, surely ageing is a good thing?!

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