20 thoughts on “Repose

  1. This is stunning. I love the way you stand out in the black background and the way your waist dips in and creates that sexy little crease in your side



  2. The photo is absolutely stunning – you look so elegant in that light – but the quote is quite chilling considering Indira Gandhi’s oppressive regime!


    • Yes!! I love the words but was feeling uncomfortable for exactly that reason. I actually had a conversation with Exhibit A the other night about whether I should use it because it was making me feel so weird. I even pondered just using the quote without attribution but that’s wrong and not my style. I decided to go with it because I couldn’t find another one, but not without unease.


  3. Oh, this is so incredibly wonderful! I’m kicking myself for not browsing the already posted Sinful Sundays before posting mine. We share a title but my hastily put together post does not hold a candle to your luminous skin against that black sofa. I absolutely love this!


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