In case of turbulence…

…please keep your seat belts fastened. 

It’s not much of a secret that I do a lot of flying, but – strangely! – it’s never actually occurred to me to create a mile high Sinful Sunday! When I discovered these rather random seats outside the lift on the second floor of the Radisson Blu in Bristol I couldn’t resist having a play. So in our Eroticon lunch break the gorgeous @fdotleonora and I got up to mischief…

We both prefer the pop of colour from the fuchsia silk, but I’ve included both shots to prove that, yes, I really did take all my clothes off in the lift lobby…

Sinful Sunday

21 thoughts on “In case of turbulence…

  1. Now I am wondering if I have time to fit in a visit to this spot before we have to head home. I agree on the images too, the top one really works with the splash of pink and also your pose makes it look like you have crashed out for a nap in your seat


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  2. Haha, these shots are awesome! I can’t ever imagine being brave enough to do that, which makes these shots even more wonderful for me xx

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  3. This makes me smile so much!! Not only is the photo (both photos! But I agree on the pink underwear photo being my favorite) wonderful, but the amount of fun I’m imagining the two of you having is making me so happy!

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  4. I got over excited when I saw this, it took me a while to work out the seats are the wrong way round and you weren’t actually on a plane! Once my brain had engaged I am now even more disappointed I couldn’t get to eroticon and join in all the fun!

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  5. Fanbloodytastic! I adore these images – and the thought of you and your photographer naughtily scurrying off to take them – wonderful!
    So awesome to meet you at last x x x 💖

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