FullSizeRenderAll week I have been working in hot dusty villages and factories. It has been 35 – 40 degrees and sticky humid. In other words, weather for floaty dresses and spaghetti straps. Except here I have to wear the shalwar kameez. The shalwar (pantaloons) hide the shape of my legs, the kameez (body shirt) must be long to ensure I am not seen to be flashing my genitals, and the orna scarf is an extra layer to ensure the shape of my breasts is not visible. When I get back to my air conditioned room in the city all I want to do is strip off and leap onto the cool white sheets with abandon!

IMG_6496 IMG_6489

IMG_6481 IMG_6477

Sinful Sunday

34 thoughts on “Leap

  1. Yes! We did the same thing a couple of years ago in a hotel, but we were afraid the people in the room below us might complain… 😉 ~C

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  3. Your photos are so fun and playful. I dread summer and the hot sticky weather. Looking at your photos remind me of how amazing it feels to strip off the clothes and relax naked on the bed while the A/C cools me down. 🙂

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  4. Two words: Wild Abandon. And you, my friend, embody that in more ways than just this set of pics, I think. I love your wholeheartedness about everything (sex, life, being 40, running, wine, family, etc) and these pictures totally embody that. I get that they are also about being cool after being hot – the joy! – and about throwing off oppressive clothes and oppressive heat all at once – but I think they are also a metaphor for you, in a way. 🙂

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