His View, Reprised

“I don’t know what to do for the favourites prompt.”

“Why don’t you do a display of your favourite photos on the TV screen and photograph yourself wanking over them?’

Mmm, a cool idea, and one that taps into the voyeur and the exhibitionist in me, but while this project has brought my body confidence on leaps and bounds and I can now admire myself, I am not sure I am ready to wank over self portraits! But over a memory of one being taken? That’s another thing entirely…


As an aside, this is one of my favourite photographs of myself. It first appeared here in July 2014, it was the second anonymous photo I had posted and the first time I had alluded to issues of body confidence. It was also the first time I had seen something to admire in my breasts. So I guess it was the seed of this project!

Sinful Sunday


23 thoughts on “His View, Reprised

  1. Oddly my image this week is of a slightly similar theme to yours in that it is my own personal wank fodder. I love how you have presented your though, creating another image alongside it



  2. i can totally understand when you said “i had seen something to admire on my breasts” i have an image almost similar to this one!
    Great image

    Happy Sinful Sunday


  3. Such a fantastic photo. So hot and sexy. A brilliant favourite – and why not let your hand wander – it’s a wonderful image to be turned on by! X x

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  4. This is great – I love the concept and the contrast of the bright screen against the dark room. Every time I take naked photos of myself I have to stop in order to masturbate. Every time. Something about choosing to show my body to someone else makes me feel so confident and sexy! I’d say there’s a lot to admire about your breasts. ^^

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  5. Looks like there’s lots of similar ideas this week!

    I still can’t wank over images of myself, I just look and see the faults and can’t see the beauty or sexy. I am hoping this year I may get the chance to have images taken by others so I can maybe see myself through somebody else’s eyes.

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    • I hope you do! I love the photos like this one that are taken by partners, but the photos I’ve had taken by Molly/Nicolas in ‘proper’ shoots were such a significant experience for me. Xx


  6. This is so great! I loved the original photo, it’s dead sexy, and I adore the revisiting of it in this way. The darkness of the room surrounding the bright screen is just perfect. Mysterious, even though we know what you are doing. 🙂

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