Another shot from my lovely friend The Photographer – thank you! This one made me smile when it hit my inbox as the glistening beads make it feel strangely reminiscent of one I took of another lovely fellow last summer. As I have written before, I do love it when you see little connections unintentionally forming between photos.

This photo has been sitting in my folder-in-waiting for a couple of months now, without a story to go with it. The two photos popped into my mind today as I plodded along on a long run, slowly and full of cold. It’s me who is training for a marathon now and today I thought, as I so often think when I feel the glorious bite of cold wind and the first raindrops my face, ‘I bloody love winter running.’ I really could never train for a marathon in the summer heat.


Sinful Sunday

16 thoughts on “Beads

  1. This is stunning! I love how dark it is, just the tiniest glitter of sweat is highlighted but the main image is shadow. It’s so rich. My favorite bit, though, is the partial profile we can see the strands of your hair in the background. It all works together to create a really powerful image.

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