The end of 2015 took away some of my sparkle. My spirit was a dented. Worry for a very premature niece left my emotions raw and permanently close to the surface. Challenges with my business created constant low level work stress. Subtle shifts and poor communication in personal relationships made me doubt my desirability.

We’re one month into 2016. My niece is now home. I think of her tiny faltering lungs every time I struggle up a hill during training for a marathon I will run in the name of a premature baby charity. I have won a piece of business worth five figures and on Monday I leave for the first of five trips already scheduled for this year. I swallowed my fear of difficult conversations and lovers have the opportunity to prove they know they’re lucky to have me.

I am eyeing up the rest of the year. With spirit.


Sinful Sunday

16 thoughts on “Spirit

  1. Yay for your little niece. I am so glad to hear that she is home. Sounds like you are taking 2016 and putting it squarely in its place. That image is sums up your thoughts perfectly, as Leonora says, fierce!


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  2. Oh, this is the BEST!!! I’m so happy to hear your niece is home and doing better. Also, good work on the business deal, I am in awe of you running your own business. And finally, we are *all* lucky to have you! I too have trouble with difficult convos but I’m learning. You are amazing, lady! I can’t wait to see what you make happen in 2016.

    And this photo says it all. Fierce and gorgeous and taking on the world. xxxx

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  3. This is absolutely fantastic. I love the power in your face and the determination to make 2016 yours. I’m so happy to hear your niece is home and that business is looking up. And, for the record, we are *all* lucky to have you. 🙂

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