The end of 2015 took away some of my sparkle. My spirit was a dented. Worry for a very premature niece left my emotions raw and permanently close to the surface. Challenges with my business created constant low level work stress. Subtle shifts and poor communication in personal relationships made me doubt my desirability.

We’re one month into 2016. My niece is now home. I think of her tiny faltering lungs every time I struggle up a hill during training for a marathon I will run in the name of a premature baby charity. I have won a piece of business worth five figures and on Monday I leave for the first of five trips already scheduled for this year. I swallowed my fear of difficult conversations and lovers have the opportunity to prove they know they’re lucky to have me.

I am eyeing up the rest of the year. With spirit.


Sinful Sunday

Elust #78

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Snow Drifts

Last night I went to bed with my head swimming with images of me lying in the snow in my garden, dark underwear against my white skin and the whiter snow. Close ups of my bare feet dancing in the snow. Snowy nipples. Thankfully the snow wasn’t deep enough this morning for me to realise my daft creative whims.

I actually bloody hate snow. Yes, it’s pretty to look at but an accident on ice that left me with two metal plates and 12 screws in my left ankle means any activity that involves going out in it fills me with fear. And my garden has about 20 steps up to it!

On days like this I would much rather be at my favourite hotel, where the bedding is like snow drifts, than cavorting in the actual snow…

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Sinful Sunday