May the Force be with you

Did you really think I wouldn’t do this, ladies?

IMG_3043I have never seen Star Wars. I have no real intention of ever seeing Star Wars. Friends frequently try and coerce me into watching it. This week this conversation happened.

A idea was planted and before I knew it I was shopping for a lightsaber. How ridiculous! It turns out there’s a market for £219 lightsabers. Obscene. At the risk of sounding like my Dad, some people clearly have more money than sense! And different characters have different colour lightsabers! Who knew?!

Playing with Darth Vader’s red lightsaber is one of the more random things I’ve done on a Friday night…


Sinful Sunday


20 thoughts on “May the Force be with you

  1. Man, you should so come and visit us. My nine-year-old keeps up an ENDLESS stream of Star Wars-related chatter that I have no hope of ever understanding. And I’ve seen some of the movies. Although, I admit, I did snaffle his blue light sabre for my Bra Wars post a while back, so the over-priced merchandise does come in handy at times! Lol! Jane xxx


  2. You’re jn charge of the new Star Wars trailer I can tell! Love the fun you had with it – you’re our only hope obi forty*

    *forgive me that terrible word play


  3. I love the first one, with the sabre and the feet coming out of the dark. Darts Vader would have a job beating that for an eventual reveal 🙂


  4. Great photo’s 🙂
    We recently had the joy of Star Wars overtaking Co. Kerry (the Skelligs) twice! Can’t move for bloody tourist t-shirts. Still, I suppose it’s good for the local economy.


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