A White Shirt

We met in a wine bar. The kind that has a lot of unvarnished wood, candles everywhere, and giant olives in tiny bowls. The kind that sits on the fence, wanting to create an illusion of intimacy for couples, but not wanting to lose the after work crowd.

It wasn’t a date. He’s a photographer and his new project has piqued my interest. He likes my blog and wanted to meet me. We were there to talk about working together.

I didn’t want to dress for a date, but I wanted a slight turn of his head, a dip of the eyes. I didn’t want him to imagine fucking me, but I did want him to imagine photographing me. A white shirt, buttoned not quite high enough. Bright lingerie teasing through gauzy material.

The chemistry was good. Chemistry between a photographer and a potential subject, or sexual chemistry? I don’t know. Is it the same thing, or different? “I wish I had my camera,” he said, “I want to photograph you now.”

Then a hand across the table, opening the white shirt a button further. A grainy iPhone shot. A kiss. Plans for more photography.

A White Shirt


26 thoughts on “A White Shirt

  1. Damnit, my laptop freaked out before I’d finished commenting*scowls*
    Anyway, what I was going to say iiissss…..I love the little flash of lingerie, and that I can imagine the mishievious grin on your face as you were getting dressed! Nicely played 😀


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  2. Oh wow. I love how that photo happened. Even without the build up, it’s got such a beautiful vintage feel, but with the story…well, I agree with what Livvy said – I want to know what happens next 🙂 xx


  3. This is soooo great! I love the way you built it up. The reasoning behind choosing your outfit. Then the teasing payoff with this fantastic and spontaneous photo. I can’t wait to hear where this story goes next 🙂


  4. I loved reading your description of the wine bar, and your encounter in general. And I was absolutely mesmerized by the shot. The vibrant colors and the slight blur made me feel like I was right there with you, perhaps enjoying a glass of wine. I hope you’ll share the results of any future photo shoots!


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