Bring on the men…

Some of you may have seen my post earlier in the week about male nudes. I mentioned towards the end of the piece that I hadn’t had any men get involved with Exposing 40 yet and I hoped that changed because body positivity is not just a women’s issue.

Mike H left this comment:

“I liked reading this. As a 41 year old who isn’t happy with my self-image and is more comfortable behind the camera, it would be nice to see the discussion opening up about men who aren’t buff, tanned, bearded or tattooed. I have moobs and love handles and a tummy so I’m doubtful that I would ever be brave enough to pose, but who knows, my partner likes my naked body – I may let her loose with my camera for a while.”

I suggested I’d be happy to host a photo when the time felt right. The conversation continued over DM on Twitter and, well, it turns out the right time was sooner than expected…

So, here’s Mike!

I am extremely honoured that he took these photos, very very proud that Exposing 40 has encouraged this bravery, and so happy that Sinful Sunday exists to give my little effort a voice within a community.

Mike sent me four photos and I chose two. I love the relaxed reclining on the sofa photo and the sense of humour that shines through with the use of the Beef book! And the chest shot? Well, the sense of power in the image and that strong mouth and fabulous stubble meant I just had to create a broody black and white edit to complement the colour version…

PicsArt_1440672758011 (2)  PicsArt_1440672758011 (3)

PicsArt_1440673296349 (2)



35 thoughts on “Bring on the men…

  1. I suppose I should leave a comment seeing as I’m there in living colour.

    I saw my name flag up in the notifications and a little chill ran through me,

    “Oh hell, no going back now” followed by “wow” when I saw the words and the photos together. My finger hovered over the send button for a good while, being brave enough to take a semi-naked selfie is completely different to then sharing it with a boatload of strangers.

    I hope that it does encourage an open discussion about body positivity in men, and I hope I’m not the only person to take the plunge here.


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  2. Oh, these photos are fantastic! Welcome, Mike! I absolutely agree with Exposing40 on the strong mouth and sexy stubble. I particularly like the b/w edit where the white in the stubble stands out (a personal weakness of mine). And the beef shot is hilarious and charming. I love the hint to boudoir photography with the bent knee and the fact that we get a glimpse of your belly-button. Excellent, sexy images!

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  3. *runs around waving pompoms and celebrating for Mike*

    These are gorgeous images. I am so very glad that Mike has taken them and you have hosted them. I love the poses and the way that they capture a hint of the character of a very wonderful man.

    I hope there will be more to come.

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  4. I love these images. They capture so much, yet seem so relaxed and uncomposed.
    I’m very glad you pressed send and Exposing40 posted them too. Wonderfully brave to show your body for the first time. May it not be the last!

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  5. Great work, to all involved! I don’t see moobs and love handles, I see a powerful, confident man. And if that’s not sexy, I don’t know what is.

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  6. Those are wonderful. I’m a sucker for bnw.
    And the book with “beef” got my eye. well done.
    Thanks for giving me inspiration to take some photos of my beloved…now just getting him to allow me to do it 😉

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  7. Love these! I totally relate to Mike’s words. It’s not always easy see to see the positive in our own 40 something bodies. We see the beauty in others’ bodies that we can’t see in our own. Sinful Sunday and your project have helped me appreciate, and even embrace, my own imperfections. Mike, I hope you feel the same way and decide to join our supportive community! xx

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  8. Well done Mike! Hope it gives you confidence to do more! As has been already said it is difficult to see our own beauty and much easier to find it in others. Love the black and white image, keep up the good work
    Lady E x

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  9. Bravo Mike and Exposing 40 for this fabulous post. There is a shortage of maleness on Sinful Sunday but over the years it has increased, something that I have always championed as I think men get just a raw deal as women when it comes to body positivity. I love both these image, the one with the book just makes me smile, it is playful and cheeky, something I find very sexy in a man and I agree with Exposing 40 about the other image, chests are just plain sexy and the rough texture of the stubble on your chin is just plain HOT!


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  10. Welcome to Sinfulsunday Mike. I just love the fact that the community comes together to support and enable others. Well done to Exposing40 who encouraged you, Molly’s Sinfulfulsunday Meme and all it wonderful participants.

    Most of all Well done Mike. I think everyone has said it all already…..Except that the third one make want to snuggle up to you on the sofa and just lay there while you read.

    Long may your appearances on Sinfulsunday Continue. I for one am looking forward to more.

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  11. Go Mike! I see stubble and I envision reddened thighs or breasts from the path his mouth takes. But I especially like the book photo, he looks so relaxed, and books are just a turn on for me anyhow (especially a near naked man reading). Love the pop of the title, and the title itself of the book.

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  12. There’s immense power in being who we are, unencumbered by our doubts and fears of not being accepted for who we are.
    There’s strength in making ourselves vulnerable in showing who we are.
    It makes my stomach churn when I see or read articles championing the ‘perfect’ body….I mean, what the very fuck is that anyway?

    I love the first image, it exudes confidence, the second made me giggle with the little coquettish bend of the knee.

    I love this blog, and I adore these images posted here today.
    I do hope we see Mike on Sinful Sunday again sometime 🙂


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  13. Good for you Mike, hope to see more photos 🙂 Taking the first step is the hardest. I haven’t been posting photos for very long but it’s definitely helping me with the way I feel about myself. I hope we see more men in the future 🙂

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  14. Um Wow, the comments left here are amazing and wonderful and make me feel very special to be a small part of such an understanding and close community.

    Thank you to the thoroughly wonderful Exposing40, both for hosting the pictures and her very kind words, but for also giving me the push to actually send some pictures.

    Thank you to every single person who has commented and said such nice things about my body, I am surprised at the reaction and am left a little bit stunned.

    These photos were taken with a remote and tripod in the comfort of my own home, but I have spoken to my partner, @alittlespoonh, partly to warn her that I’d done something a bit daft, but also to see if she would be interested in taking some of her own, she got a little bit giddy, so I think that’s a yes, so the next pictures will be her view of me.

    Thank you all again.


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  15. Welcome to Sinful Sunday, Mike, and I’m so happy that you’ve enjoyed the experience so far. I can only speak for myself, but it’s kind of addictive…

    Your photos are wonderful. So masculine and confident. Thank you Exposing40 for hosting your photos, and I hope to see more in the future! Xxx

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    • Yes, we feel that the use of nude photos of the common everyday Joe are way past due. Yes you can see plenty of the gym built models nude and in porn but they just don’t represent the average male.


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