Man RayIt was only a matter of time before I delivered up a homage to Man Ray for a certain friend in NYC, wasn’t it?

I have a mirrored bedside table, which made capturing the reflected lips pretty easy, but I have had quite a play around in post production. The first two are my interpretation of the sepia-toned original and a colour version of it. The second two use reflection but have a different composition.

Which do you prefer?

Yellow (2)  2015-08-16 20.20.57 (4)

2015-08-16 20.10.39 (4)           2015-08-16 20.13.17


22 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Yes! These are so great! I love the direct homage in sepia, but there is something so cool about the second, like an artsy music video still from some avant garde 80s band. I think it might be my favorite. The black and white is lovely because your pretty eye! But I’m also really drawn to the final photo. The filter gives it a vintage magazine look. So interesting. Really love these!!


  2. I love the first image, not usually a fan of dark lip colours but the contrast you have captured is stunning. Evocative images thanks for sharing
    Lady E x


  3. Love this set! Personally, I prefer the colour versions because of the stark contrast of your red lips against the rest of the shot. Bear in mind though – I am weird. 😉


  4. The top colour one is very 80’s, reminds me of my teen years 🙂 But I absolutely love the first shot! I love anything to do with Art Deco, the 20’s etc. and that shot is just perfect 🙂


  5. I can’t really pick a favourite, they are all wonderful. Put a gun to my head and I’ll say the second set, but really, it’s an impossible call.



  6. I love the first and the third the most. It’s the stylised lement of them, they hint at so much and show the thought behind them in a way that the other two don’t quite as much. plus the colour one with just your lips is exactly that 1980s party with porcelain as Dawn and one other comment on, makes me think you’d be such fun at the disco. Twigs.


  7. These are soooo good. I love the colour version of the top image, there is something about the bright red lips and the tone of your hair that just really works



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