Early in July, before Molly announced this month’s vintage prompt, I was rifling through old negatives trying to find a photograph I could remember taking some twenty years ago. What I found instead was a set of images I had no recollection of taking.

“It seems I have taken naked pictures of you before.”

 “No! I sooooo don’t remember that!”

The photos are hilarious and on the whole pretty amateur; a shot of my friend’s lovely legs ruined by a clothes horse in the background; us trying (and failing!) to look moody sultry rock star-ish. But I love these. The tilt of her neck in the first one suggests contemplation and makes me wonder what she was thinking about. In the second the definition of her back and the nip of her waist is beautiful.

The bundle of vest just at the bottom of the second shot hints at a shyness about getting completely naked. In fact, I am pretty sure this wouldn’t have been the case – it’s more likely that we just weren’t thinking about the aesthetics. Although I wonder what we would have thought if someone had told us that in twenty years’ time she’d have turned around so I could capture her Whitechapel Smile?

Turn     Straight


18 thoughts on “1995

  1. How wonderful! I love that you’ve presented them still with the negative edges, it definitely adds to the retro feel. And your friend is beautiful, what an amazing friendship you have! Xxx


  2. This is such a beautiful post. I adore the way the history of your friendship can be traced through these gorgeous film negatives of the past to the digital image of the present.

    Long may you shoot and create together…


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