Twenty years hotter…

Oh, is this the way they say the future’s meant to feel?

Or just 20,000 people standing in a field?

Pulp, Sorted For E’s and Whizz

A friend’s Facebook notification popped up this week. “20 years ago today three cute 20-year-old girls were hurtling their way to Glastonbury in a VW Bug. They slept in a tiny brown tent, had all of their stuff nicked, but had the time of their lives.”

Damn right we had the time of our lives. And yes, we may have been cute in a young sort of way, but as the flurry of questionable old photos that followed showed, 40 whips the arse of 20. We’re significantly hotter now, and much much more sorted!

Ladies, in response to our reminiscing I promised you a Glastonbury-inspired photo, so here it is. Not sure this shot will ever replace the ubiquitous ‘hot young woman in wellies’ shot that adorns most front pages at some point during this weekend…

A friend wanted to create a trippy feeling photo to bring out the festival vibe. I love it, but *think* I prefer the original. What do you think?

23 thoughts on “Twenty years hotter…

  1. The colours in the original are so vibrant, and that backdrop so neutral (apart from the tree) that it’s a brilliant blast on the senses as it is.
    That said, I do like the purple trying to grab attention in the edit.
    Photos with legs kicking up always look like fun is being had 🙂


  2. For me, the natural colors draw attention in the original, but the feeling of excitement and fun is more obvious in the edited version.


  3. I like the first one best of all, the colours in the grass and flowers feels just right, so classically ‘England’ as do the Wellies. Fabulous image



  4. I love both of them in different ways but I agree the original gives the vibrant festival feel.

    Oh, thank you for the Jarvis ear worm, I’m going to have to dig out my Different Class album again now 🙂


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