Care Bears

Born in 1974, I was the target age group for Care Bear mania, which struck in the early 80s. Each teddy came with a love heart stamped on its bum. My aunt gave me this little keepsake on my birthday. “I don’t know what you’ll do with this,” she said, “but I thought it was cute.”

This week I decided what to do with it.

Love Heart


25 thoughts on “Care Bears

  1. It’s bad that my first thought was “I’m sure the heart was on the other side”, isn’t it?
    But what a beautiful bottom!


  2. I never got into the Care Bears… I think i was too busy reading and i loved my dollys and my dolls house…which my daughter now has. I really must take some pictures with it…..and relive my childhood



  3. I loved my Care Bear and still have it somewhere. (Good Luck Bear, if you were wondering). This is an adorable idea that you’ve made incredibly sensual. The way the light glints off the heart and the way the shadows caress your lovely bum, it’s really erotic. Excellent photo!

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  4. I want allowed to have a care bear,cabbage patch,or other”girl toys” but my grandma gave me a strawberry shortcake in secret,,it was the huckleberry boy one, i also loved my star wars toys but i wanted t all! Great pic

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