Glimpse: Part two

I’m a sucker for a cute circular story and I find it very hard to resist telling them when they occur.

Last Sunday I wrote about influence. Later in the day Maria Opens Up posted Glimpse. Now, I don’t mind admitting I’ve had a crush on Maria’s work since Pencil Skirt when she not only quoted the mighty Pulp but also managed to channel a great Boudin image.

In Glimpse, Maria referenced her own influence – a poster she had seen in Amsterdam many years ago. She spoke of an image “filled with pink and violet flowers except for a woman’s breast and part of her face.” One of her own photographs revealed a tantalising glimpse of leg from beneath her covers.

Well there’s no face, but two images came to mind: one from a shoot a while back that also gave me my profile images, and another, taken on the same morning as my own Boudin-influenced image, used last week.

So here they are: influence and inspiration at play again, right here in our own community.




60 thoughts on “Glimpse: Part two

  1. Oh this is wonderful! I’m so flattered that you mentioned Pencil Skirt! It’s one of my faves. As for your photos, love, love, love, love! The flower photo is incredible. It’s very similar to the ad I remember, the colors of the roses are so soft and lovely next to your skin. Breathtaking. And the leg! I so love a leg in white sheets! Thank you for this! It totally made my day 🙂

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  2. Now these are just gorgeous! I am in love with how the rose petals bring out the peach in your skin, and the sharpness of the flowers in the foreground, with the soft glow of your breast behind them. Just stunning!

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  3. This is something I have been toying with as a sinful Sunday prompt, using another bloggers image as inspiration for your own version. I have not done it yet as I have wondered if maybe it might just be too tricky but I think you have shown that actually it can be incredibly simple and yet very effective. So, on the list it goes


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