Free the nipple, or whatever the hell else you want…

I drafted this post on Wednesday evening while a little bit hungover and as a result it’s probably a bit wordy for a Sinful Sunday post – sorry! – but I still wanted to post it!

I was reminded this week of a conversation I had with a friend the day before I first posted to this blog. I’d just shared with her my idea of turning my anonymous involvement in Sinful Sunday into more of an adventure for friends; how I was excited by the prospect they could get as much out of this as I had.

“I am a bit worried about the flowers,” I said, referring to the header on my site, “I am not sure if it’s sexy enough.” “No,” she said, “they’re perfect, they stop it being too intimidating.”

I know what she meant. It can feel intimidating posting revealing photos of yourself online. For some of us there’s a vulnerability in exposing ourselves, whether we point the lens towards our insecurities, our fantasies, or our intimate moments. For most of us, I expect, that vulnerability diminishes quickly in the face of the wonderfully supportive Sinful Sunday community who each week take the time and care to respond to each other’s posts with thoughtful words of encouragement, celebration or a simple ‘fuck, that’s hot’!

Which is why it is so sad when an individual is intimidated not by their own insecurities but by spiteful people who have nothing better to do than gossip, judge and be mean. Busy thumbs spewing out a trail of nasty tweets can quickly undo what weeks of participating in this meme have done to build body confidence. That happened to @charlieinthepool last week.

Elsewhere there’s been much international coverage for the #freethenipple campaign after an Icelandic MP posted a picture of her breasts to Twitter. She, along with thousands of other women and men who took the same action, was standing up in support of a 17-year-old who was subject to online bullying as a result of posting a picture of her chest in protest against social media censorship of women’s bodies.

It saddens me that acts of courage, whether at a very personal level or as a bolder statement against corporate censorship, are ‘rewarded’ with hate. Kindness and empathy are the greatest human qualities, offline and online. The words of support for Charlie from the Sinful Sunday community last weekend showed that kindness does thrive online, as have the actions of those who rallied behind the young woman from Iceland.

Bullies, try as hard as you want but we’ll just carry on, getting out our ‘offensive’ tits, cunts, cocks, bellies, bums, thighs and whatever the hell else we want to, whether it’s to make a political statement, as a body positive expression, or for the pure exhibitionist thrill of it.

IMG_3356 (2)


24 thoughts on “Free the nipple, or whatever the hell else you want…

  1. #FreetheNipple! Earlier today I was setting up a Facebook page for my new blog, cursing them for their community standards. Because heaven forbid children might see a NIPPLE! Gasp!

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  2. I don’t understand and I will never understand why one person have to bully another, why people feel entitled to being nasty towards someone else who is brave enough to ‘bare it all’ or even just a bit. I agree #freethenipple!

    Great image 🙂

    Rebel xox

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  3. It’s so much easier to criticise, to be snarky, than to stop and think for just a moment.
    And sometimes we need the thoughts behind the image too, because they add strength and understanding.
    This, then, is perfect. And hot 😉

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  4. Brilliant! I always say that should be allowed to do what they want as long as it doesn’t cause harm. Posting our own pictures is a wonderful freedom that we should protect. The power of those pictures is that it is our own choice to share them. I am disappointed with people who can’t understand the value of that and I utterly despise people who turn their vicious bullying comments on others.

    Your image is gorgeous in so many ways, both as an image, as a statement and as a demonstration of our own agency over our choices. Oh, and… Phwoar


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  5. I couldn’t agree more….. I wrote similar words in a post last week about bullying and particularly women hating on women. I am glad that Sinful Sunday has helped to give people a space to explore and feel safe. I am proud of that.

    I love your header image, the colours, the focus. It is delicate and without sounding sexist, there is something very feminine about it. I can be slutty, trampy, school girl and sometimes just soft and feminine. I think that side of me is really attracted to the image.


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  6. I love your blog header as you say it is not intimidating, it is soft and feminine. Your words I second, third and fourth, bullying is the coward’s way to making a point. Your image I just want to get in there and suck that gorgeous nipple! #freethenipple

    Velvet x

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  7. I will never understand the need to bully others, my early life was destroyed by bullies and that still has a lasting effect I’m constantly fighting to overcome.

    Beautiful words and wonderful macro.


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