No Horn Here

Another week, another work trip. Four nights, three hotels, two countries. Walking into my room on Monday I laughed out loud: a bed big enough for quite some party, leather headboard, sultry lighting…

“Some hotel rooms are wasted on work trips,” I tweeted. Within minutes Maria, Molly and Jade had all revealed a hotel kink.

It got better. I may have started with the leather headboard, but two days later I got the cow. “Nothing like getting the horn in a hotel,” quipped Molly.

I rarely get the horn in a hotel. I average a week a month in them. The combination of jet lag and long shoot days means I either flop down and am out cold, or busy brain keeps me wired and insomniac. I get horny when I check out of a hotel. Giving back a key card, not taking it, signals play time for me.

But here’s a little horniness just for you, ladies…



26 thoughts on “No Horn Here

  1. One of the many ‘rules’ of photography is not to photograph someone else’s artwork unless your image is somehow adding to it. I am not sure I agree with the rule mind you but I can understand the idea behind it and you have demonstrated perfectly how you can take someones art and use it to create a completely new and inspired narrative from the one originally intended.

    I am sure the temptation to lay in the centre of the bed was there but it would not have worked quite so well if you had because then the large staring eye of the cow would not have appeared to be focused on you. You really have a great eye when it comes to composition.

    The only thing that bothers my eye is the fact the cow painting seems to be not straight at the top. I would have been tempted to reduce the height of the image ever so slightly to crop that out as the rest of the lines in the image are perfectly balanced and so rotating it would not have solved that. Also, the bright highlight on the right-hand side draws the eye to that bright spot and that is NOT where you want people to be looking. You could dial that bright area down and I think you would really see how that changes how the eye explores this image

    Hope you don’t mind my feedback, it is left in the spirit of sharing knowledge, as it is feedback like this from Camera Club that has helped me learn and improve my photography no end


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    • Hello! Oh I don’t mind the feedback at all – I love feedback and always crave it – in work, friendships, the bedroom! I get frustrated that people think feedback is negative.

      I never knew about the not photographing other art, so that’s really interesting and useful to know – thanks!

      Re the cropping – this is so funny, because I chopped and changed the photo a bit for that very reason. When I cropped all the way around I lost my toe, which I didn’t like and when I just cropped the top it looked odd to have a boarder down the side but not at the top, so on balance I went with this one. There is a better crop of a different shot, but I didn’t like me in it so much so went with wonky picture and vanity instead. Don’t you think it’s odd how the top is wonky though because the bottom seems straight!

      And you’re right about the light. It was a very arty naked light bulb which looks good but gives crap light. I haven’t got any editing softest beyond my basic package yet, but was reading up on next week’s prompt last night and thinking I might download the free one you mention.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to leave this feedback. It makes me happy! Xx


  2. Yay! I love this so much! There’s nothing I can add to what has already been said but I adore that you took a funny situation that you’d commented on and turned it into a sexy, almost surreal, image. The composition is exquisite and I love the way your body is angled with one shoulder thrust up, almost in a shrug. Then the cow, looking at you, almost like she’s going to nudge you with her nose. It’s just perfect!

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