Kaleidoscope boobs

This photograph happened completely by accident one night this week while I was sat up in bed undertaking the decidedly dull task of organising iPad apps! Swiping through, I found a photo app that I have no recollection of ever downloading. Opening it up I was faced with this strange kaleidoscope image of my own chest. I quickly snapped it.

I’m going to try not to dwell too much on the body negative in my Exposing 40 project, being as it is a positive exercise, but I’ve written before, when posting anonymously on Exhibit A’s site, that in the past I haven’t got on very well with my boobs. They do a good job of signposting traffic south-west and south-east and you could drive a bus between them. Add to this the fact that (unless they’re being entertained or I’ve tweaked them to attention for the sake of a photo) I have one flat and one inverted nipple, and you get a picture of my tongue-in-cheek ambivalence towards them!

So I was quite amused to see the kaleidoscope lens effect create cute plumptious hearts of my boobs. Are they begging me to love them, I wonder?


19 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope boobs

  1. Wow, what a fabulously eye bending image, I found myself studying it for a very long time. The heart shapes also remind of balls, as in the male anatomy sens of that word but maybe that is because the slightly phallic lines created by your arms draw my mind to that.



  2. Oooooh what an interesting shot! I love the different lines on it but if I am absolutely honest I don’t actually know WHY I love the picture itself. I think I shall just accept that I do and leave it at that. Thank you for posting something that made me turn my screen upside down to look from another perspective lol.

    BB xxx

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