Today’s Race

The smell of sweat. The way I can hear my heart pounding as I finish. Fingers tracing the contours and ridges of my prize. The taste of salt as I shower afterwards. Eyes widening in anticipation as my post-event pie and pint appears before me. Running isn’t better than sex, but there’s a lot of similarities…

This weekend’s monthly prompt is Senses – see how others are interpreting it by clicking on the lips below.


17 thoughts on “Today’s Race

  1. I am so with you on this, when I go to the gym I get a similar rush as i do from a damn good spanking. Don’t get me wrong the spanking/sex is much better than the gym but that little buzz does make the effort worth while.


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  2. My hips are fucked, so running is a no for me, BUT yes, I can imagine the rush, the amazing sens eof achievement, and to display your medal like this is rather delightful 😉

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